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JOJO Pet Food

JOJO CRUNCHY Puppy dog food 4kg

JOJO CRUNCHY Puppy dog food 4kg

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JOJO CRUNCHY Puppy dog food 4kg

This premium dog food supports growth and the immune system. Do you have a puppy that's underweight? Then stock up on JOJO crunchy dog food. Ultra high quality dog food for the "goodest of boys"

So try JOJO today and see the difference in your dog's nutrition and health. JOJO is a human grade pet food experience. Moreover our feed comes from the human food market and not from animal feed markets. JOJO's food recipes are developed in France and Holland; meaning that they are so delicious and palatable--they offer all Nigerian and West African dogs a chance at a super premium lifestyle. With JOJO Crunchy puppy dog food all dog owners and breeders can be rest assured that they have made the best choice. 


Cereals, meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, and minerals.

From 3 weeks old to 18 months

  • Crude protein: 28%
  • Crude Fat: 15%
  • Soak in water for puppies under six weeks
  • Size: 4 kg

Made in Holland

JOJO Crunchy Puppy food provides essential nutrients and is a complete meal. Complete nutrition for puppies. Additionally, this is the best puppy food in Nigeria and the most delicious crunchy dog food. Best dry food to feed your dog. Dogs can eat JOJO crunchy, dry dog food everyday.

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